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Scaffold Plank – SENSO

Scaffold Plank – SENSO

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Durable Scaffold Plank by SENSO, ideal for construction. Reliable, sturdy, and safe. Perfect for all scaffolding needs.

SENSO Scaffold Plank is the ultimate solution for construction projects. Crafted for durability and reliability, this plank ensures safety and stability in any scaffolding setup. Ideal for professionals seeking top-quality scaffold decking, SENSO planks meet industry standards.

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SENSO ® Scaffold Plank is designed to provide exceptional support and stability for construction projects. Made from high-quality materials, these planks are built to last, ensuring maximum safety and performance. Each plank undergoes rigorous testing to meet industry standards, offering peace of mind to professionals on the job site.

The robust construction of SENSO Scaffold Planks makes them ideal for various scaffolding applications. Whether you're working on residential buildings or large commercial projects, these planks deliver reliable performance every time. The non-slip surface provides additional safety, preventing accidents and ensuring a secure work environment.

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SENSO Scaffold Planks are easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective choice for construction companies. Their lightweight design allows for easy handling and transportation, while their durable build ensures they can withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions.

With SENSO Scaffold Planks, you can be confident in the safety and efficiency of your scaffolding setup. Our planks are designed to support your team, helping them work efficiently and safely at height. Trust SENSO for all your scaffolding needs.

SENSO Scaffold Plank Features & Benefits

■ High Durability: SENSO Scaffold Planks are made from top-quality materials, ensuring they can withstand heavy use and harsh conditions.
■ Safety: The non-slip surface of the planks provides additional safety, preventing slips and falls.
■ Easy Installation: Lightweight and easy to handle, these planks can be installed quickly and efficiently, saving time and labor costs.
■ Versatile Applications: Suitable for residential, commercial, maintenance, and event projects, making them a versatile choice for various needs.
■ Cost-Effective: Durable construction and easy maintenance make ■ SENSO Scaffold Planks a cost-effective option for construction companies.
■ Compliance: Each plank meets industry standards, ensuring reliable performance and safety.
■ Support: Designed to provide exceptional support and stability for workers, enhancing overall productivity.
■ Non-Slip Surface: Provides additional safety for workers, ensuring a secure footing in all conditions.
■ Lightweight Design: Facilitates easy transportation and handling, improving efficiency on the job site.

SENSO Scaffold Plank Application

■ SENSO Scaffold Planks are versatile and suitable for various construction projects. They are perfect for residential building sites, providing a stable platform for workers to carry out their tasks safely. These planks are also ideal for commercial projects, offering the strength and durability needed to support larger-scale operations.

■ In addition to construction, SENSO Scaffold Planks can be used in maintenance and repair work. Their reliable construction ensures they can handle the demands of ongoing use, providing a safe and secure platform for various maintenance activities.

■ For events and staging, SENSO Scaffold Planks offer a stable and secure solution. Their non-slip surface and robust build make them ideal for temporary structures, ensuring safety and stability for all participants.

SENSO Scaffold Plank Packing and Loading


Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

6 pallets

20 CBM



40 HQ


40 CBM




Enhance the safety and efficiency of your scaffolding setup with SENSO Scaffold Planks. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality scaffolding solutions and how they can benefit your construction projects. Trust SENSO for reliable, durable, and safe scaffolding planks.

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