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  • Inspection Service

    Inspection Service

    ROC Inspection Service

    Why ROCPLEX inspection is better We have professional quality inspection team in wood board materials. 25 year munufacturing and inspection experience in plywood, MDF, OSB, melamine board, LVL products. 100%Fair, professional and rigorous. 100% Professional inspectors. Covering China's industrial areas. We provide the best services. Issue inspection report within 12 hours after inspection.
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  • OEM service

    OEM service

    ROC OEM Service

    More than 25 years experience produce for wood panel OEM customers. Since then , our group OEM wood panel in over 50 countries across five continents.
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  • Industory Prodtction

    Industory Prodtction

    ROC Industory Production Service

    Home World Group is the largest manufacturer and exporter of plywood and related products in China, which was founded in 1993 with 6 subsidiaries. We are now enjoying 73 production lines of film faced plywood fancy plywood and LVL. And 12 joint-stock company in OSB, MDF and melamine board produce.
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  • Import And Export Service

    Import And Export Service

    ROC Import and Export Agency Service

    ROC International, A reliable import and export company, has 25 years of experience in import and export agency service. ROC international professional in wood products, Especially in wood panel business. 25 years wood panel manufacturing and exporting cultivated a professional team in wood products import and export and quality inspection.
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  • Agent Service

    Agent Service

    Sourcing Agent Services

    Still worrying about building materials sourcing from China? Then it would be a wise choice for you to choose us. Characterized by one stop procurement services, ROCPLEX enables you to source from China in an unexpected but amazing way. Below are BENEFITS you can enjoy...
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