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Celebrating the 113th International Women’s Day – March 8, 2023

On this day we honor women bold and bright,
Whose strength and courage make the world take flight,
Their voices rise in harmony and song,
To fight for justice, and right the wrong.

From mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends,
Their love and care, never seems to end,
Their hearts are pure, their spirits free,
A symbol of hope for all to see.

For every challenge that they face,
They rise above with grace and grace,
A true inspiration for us all,
To stand up tall, and break down the wall.

So on this day, we stand in awe,
Of the women who have paved the way,
For all the daughters yet to come,
A bright future, a rising sun.

Happy International Women's Day,
To the women who light up our way.

Post time: Mar-08-2023